Tobacco - Tobacco Users

Most ex-tobacco users will tell you that quitting is one of the hardest things they’ve done.  Without a doubt, quitting can be a real challenge.  The good news is, as of 2009 almost 50 million people had given up tobacco.  That’s proof quitting it is possible!

If you want to improve your chances of becoming an ex, it is recommended you use a combination of medication, counseling and other support.  To learn more, please call the NYS Quitline at 1-866–NY-Quits (1-866-697-8487), and talk to your healthcare provider.

Suggested Resources for Smokers/Tobacco Users:

Suggested Resources for Special Populations:

  • Smokefree WomenInteractive support for women wanting to quit smoking
  • Smokefree Teens Interactive support for teens wanting to quit smoking
  • Women and SmokingAmerican Cancer Society

Suggested Resources for Family and Friends of Smokers:

Other Links:

  • Counseling Provides information about types of counseling and what to expect
  • E-CigarettesGet the facts about e-cigarettes
  • MedicationsA list of all FDA approved quit tobacco medications, including their pros and cons
  • Cost Calculator – Calculate how much you can save when you quit smoking
  • Smoking and Depression – Information about depression and smoking
  • SupportContains suggestions for getting ready to quit, including asking friends, family and/or your provider for support
  • Why It’s so Hard to Quit