Making Our Case for Cessation – New Video Speaks to Health Care Leaders

Posted on: July 9th, 2017 by Glenn

Our Health Systems for Tobacco Free New York (HSTFNY) program is always seeking new ways to engage and recruit leaders of medical and behavioral health systems across the North Country. We need them to know that our free services will help them improve evidence-based tobacco interventions. A unique digital mailer was developed and sent by NY Department of Health – Tobacco Control Program (TCP) to leaders of target health systems across the state; delivering this message directly into the hands of their CEOs. When opened, the unique digital card automatically plays a strategically crafted one minute video. The video message speaks to these leaders’ point of view, prompting them to contact HSTFNY to access our services.

And it works! We brought along a digital card to a June meeting with Elizabethtown Community Hospital’s CEO John Remillard and CNO Julie Tromblee. We were joined by our ATFC partner and had about 15 minutes to make the case for signing onto HSTFNY; showing the brief videos on the spot saved considerable time. We are proud to report that we will begin working with ECH in July. Because we engaged the highest levels of administration, we have considerable buy-in for the initiative.

Click HERE to see the one minute video.