Brushton Moira Central School Revamps Party Time

Posted on: January 24th, 2017 by Glenn

image (1)Brushton-Moira Central School District is taking a new approach to classroom parties as a part of their newly passed District wellness policy. The District has created a ‘celebration kit’ of games like Twister, Stomp Rockets, Legos, and dance party items. These provide a healthier alternative to eating snacks as a means to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and good behavior. In addition, it takes the strain off of teachers and families by not requiring them to provide snacks for the whole class for special events.

Seventh and eighth graders started their holiday celebrations this year with a friendly card game competition while fifth grade teachers have also used the celebration kit items as a means for rewarding the class for their accomplishments. Elementary teacher, Nancy Marshall, celebrated student birthdays in November with egg races outside. “They can’t wait to do it again!”, she says. The class is excited to try out more games throughout the year.

The Heart Network’s Creating Healthy Schools and Communities grant has been able to help Brushton Moira both with guidance in drafting their wellness policy and by providing funding and assistance to create the new celebration kits.

Being ‘healthy’ is so often seen as ‘no fun’. Especially with children. The Heart Network applauds Brushton-Moira for not only looking out for their student’s wellbeing and providing a healthy alternative for celebrations, but also for making sure it’s fun!

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