Apple Corps Alive and Well!

Posted on: June 7th, 2017 by Glenn

Former Heart Network Executive Director Margot Gold (left) checks on her apple tree.

The two apple trees planted in honor Margot Gold’s retirement from North Country Healthy Heart Network last spring survived their first winter and continue to be well cared for by Saranac Lake Common Ground Gardens (SLCGG).  At a Spring Work Party on May 20th, Common Ground Gardens Coordinator Andrea Audi (pictured here in white) planted chive and borage seeds at the base of both trees, explaining that they are healthy, complimentary companions for apple trees.  The trees were then surrounded by fencing to protect them from neighborhood deer.

While at the Heart Network, Margot (center picture – left) hoped to one day launch a project she called Apple Corps.  Her vision was to have organizations around the region agree to plant and care for apple trees – the fruits of which would then be shared with residents having limited access to fresh produce. Thanks to the Heart Network’s Board of Directors and the SLCGG, Margot’s dream is coming alive.  Perhaps next year … apples!