Advocacy - Training










This training explains what policy and environmental change are, advocacy basics, advocacy planning, and making the case for policy and environmental change.













A thorough examination of Complete Streets. Including what they are, how they can improve community health and mobility, and existing programs and funding sources



Advocacy 101 – Answering the Three Key Questions for Advocacy Campaigns (M+R Strategic Services and County Health Rankings & Roadmaps)  Follow the link to download the webinar, presentation slides, and worksheet handouts.


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Advocacy 201 – A step-by-step framework for recognizing and acting on opportunities to build momentum in an advocacy campaign.(M+R Strategic Services and County Health Rankings & Roadmaps) Follow the link to download the webinar, presentation slides, and worksheet handouts.


This is an introductory course to learn how to assess streetscapes, parks and trails for physical activity. The course is geared towards researchers, practitioners and anyone else with an interest in learning how to conduct audits of the built environment. 


 The Nutrition Environmental Measures Survey (NEMS) will help professionals and advocates conduct nutrition assessments of stores and restaurants. The training includes guidance on basic nutritional measures, how to conduct an assessment in your community, and how to utilize the results